Woodtique™ who we are

By Misumaru Sangyo CO., LTD

Misumaru Sangyo has over 60 years of manufacturing experience and recognized as one of the highest quality service and product manufacturers in Japan. Misumaru Sangyo Co., Ltd. is located in Shikokuchuo-shi Ehime-prefecture Japan. Misumaru Woodtique™ has certainly adopted the art of craftsmanship from its founding company by creating a fusion of Japanese craftsmanship, excellent service and high volume manufacturing capacities. Our international factory and manufacturing system provides high quality products with lower cost to all over the world via streamline manufacturing and reliable distribution channels. As a result, our products are in high demand throughout all developed nations such as the Americas, Canada, and European countries, as well as developed Oceania countries.

We manage by ”creating a fusion of Japanese craftsmanship”  which is in harmony with human, objects, and matter.