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See how easy it is to use Woodtique ultra-thin wood veneers!

Created in Japan, this exclusive proprietary wood shaving process producing ultra-thin wood sheets.

Finished Products
Ultra-thin wood capable of being sewn-in and laminated to fabrics, plastic and other substrates.

Over forty years of quality manufacturing and service to the global retail industry.

 ・Installing Woodtique Wood Veneer Wallcovering
Hang sheet on the wall, smooth with an acrylic smoothing tool, or with tools that will not scratch the finish. Air bubbles must be removed from the center to the edge. Ensure that all air bubbles are eliminated and there is    a good smooth adhesion between Woodtique and the substrate. Remove excess adhesive from each sheet as you progress and prior to installing the next sheet. Use a clean, moist, natural sponge to remove excess adhesive and dry the surface with a lint-free towel. It is very important to change water frequently to maintain cleanliness and not to streak the appearance.  
It is receommended to overlap and double cut all seams with a clean sharp razor blade. Change blade after each cut. For installation of Woodtique sheets ten (10’) and longer, Woodtique recommends all joint seems to be double cut to achieve a tight acceptable joint seam. Vertical joints should not occur less than 2-1/2” from all outside and inside corners if possible. Installer is fully responsible for proper seam fitting.

・Test Area for Approval 
Only the Architect, Designer or owner shall approve the test installation.